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Gallery One exhibition. New York, 1993

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

The "Artists in residence" program and the opening of the exhibition in the Gallery One. New York, N.Y. October – November 1993. Artists Angelo Bona, Dmitry Ivashintsov, Mark Kalpin, Daniele Pollitz, Alan Russel Cowan, Inger Lee Sand and L.A. Willette.

Invitation to the exhibition in the Gallery One.

Dmitry Ivashintsov's place in the Gallery One.

In the gallery space, artists in residence.
In the gallery. Mark Kalpin on the left.
Gallery One, the exhibition.
Gallery One. SoHo, 96 Spring Street, New York
View in the Gallery One.
Artworks of Dmitry Ivashintsov.
View a window in the Gallery One.
SoHo from a gallery window.
Poster sketch for the exhibition.
Dmitry Ivashintsov. Poster sketch for the exhibition in the Gallery One.
Opening reception. Artist Dmitry Ivashintsov and his paintings.
Dmitry Ivashintsov at the opening reception.
Painting by Dmitry Ivashintsov.
Dmitry Ivashintsov. The Swan (in process).
During the opening in the Gallery One.
Gallery One. During the opening reception.

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