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Masha in Tallinn

The exhibition of photographs by my aunt Masha Ivashintsova (Maria Ivashintsova, 1942–2000) took place in winter 2019–2020 in Tallinn, Estonia. This exhibition was initiated by my cousin Anna and her husband and took place in the wonderful Juhan Kuusi Dokfoto Keskus (Juhan Kuusi Documentary Photo Centre). Masha lived in St. Petersburg (Leningrad in Soviet times) and was a theater critic. She was close to the key figures of the Leningrad underground culture, the poet Viktor Krivulin and the photographer Boris Smelov; Masha was married to the philologist Melvar Melkumyan. Her extensive photographic heritage became public knowledge years after her death. The exhibition also featured Masha's poems, in Russian and translated into Estonian and English.

Dmitry Ivashintsov

Boris Smelov and Viktor Krivulin; Smelov and Masha.

Masha Ivashintsova, exhibition in Tallinn.


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