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Oskolkov Art Festival

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

"Sergey Oskolkov And His Friends" International Arts Festival, Saint Petersburg.

Art events in St. Petersburg and the Petersburg museum suburbs Peterhof and Oranienbaum.

Graphic artwork by Dmitry Ivashintsov at the exhibition of the arts festival “Sergey Oskolkov and his friends”.
That Not Ended Summer, 2015
Festival concert in the Oranienbaum Palace ensemble, Sergey Oskolkov, piano, and Arthur Javadjan, violin.
Concert in Stone Hall Pavilion, Oranienbaum. Arthur Javadjan and Sergey Oskolkov.
Picnic after the closing of the festival.
After the Festival, Peterhof, 2015
Paintings at the art exhibition in the St. Petersburg House of Composer.
St. Petersburg House of Composer, 2016
Painting by the artist Dmitry Ivashintsov
Minus Aeronautics, 2016
Art exhibition, at the opening reception.
2016, photo by Galina Kozhemiachenko
At the art exhibition in the House of Composer.
At the opening, photo by Galina Kozhemiachenko
At the concert, the Arts Festival "Sergey Oskolkov and his friends".
Concert in the House of Composer, Sergey Oskolkov and Andrey Slavny
The concert and exhibition in the Peterhof Town Library.
In the Peterhof Town Library, 2016. Valentin Afanassieff and Sergey Oskolkov.
Working on the new exhibition, photo by Dmitry Ivsshintsov
Working on the new exhibition, 2017
Opening reception, photo by Dmitry Ivashintsov
Exhibition in the House of Composer, 2017
Concert and art exhibition in the Peterhof Library
In Peterhof Town Library, 2017
Camote morado (Purple batatas). Still life and collage by artist Dmitry Ivashintsov.
Camote morado (Purple batatas). 2018.

National anthems of Chile, Peru, El Salvador, Venezuela, Mexico. Collage and acrylic painting by Dmitry Ivashintsov at the exhibition, 2018.

Detail of the acrylic painting by Dmitry Ivashintsov.
Camote morado. 2018. Detail.
Acrylic painting by Petersburg artist Dmitry Ivashintsov
Camote morado. Detail of the still life.
Preparing the art exhibition. Saint Petersburg, 2018/
In the House of Composer, 2018. Photo by Viktor Borisov,
Exhibition at the Art Festival, St. Petersburg.
In the Petersburg House of Composer. 2019
Opening of the art exhibition. Petersburg House of Composer.
"Walking with Pushkin". The opening reception, 2019
The concert in the House of Composer. Photo by Dmitry Ivashintsov
Actor Leonid Mozgovoy at the Festival, 2019.
At the exhibition in Petergof, a photo by author
Festival concert and exhibition in Petergof Library.

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