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In the famous Alvar Aalto Library. The exhibition of artist Dmitry Ivashintsov in Vyborg, 2018.

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

The “On This Side” exhibition of the Saint Petersburg artist Dmitry Ivashintsov took place in the Alvar Aalto Library on January 10-30, 2018. The exposition featured Dmitry's paintings and graphic artworks. In addition, some books of his design were on display. The exhibition took place in the gallery of the library auditorium. Later Dmitry Ivashintsov spoke in the auditorium hall, where he presented his books, many of which are in the library collection.

The Alvar Aalto Library is the central city library of Vyborg (Finnish: Viipuri, Russian: Выборг), built in 1933–1935 by the project of the great Finnish architect Alvar Aalto. The Vyborg library has become one of the most famous examples of Finnish functionalism, a model for many library buildings across the world, and one of the key monuments of the world modernist architecture of the 1930s. The careful restoration of the Alvar Aalto Library was complete in 2014.

The opening reception of the exhibition of Dmitry Ivashintsov in the Alvar Aalto Library took place on January 10, 2018 and was shown on local television.

Alvar Aalto City Library in Vyborg.
Alvar Aalto Library, photo by Dmitry Ivashintsov.
Poster by the artist Dmitry Ivashintsov
"On This Side", the exhibition poster
Photo of the town of Vyborg,
Memorial sign at the site of the lost Cathedral, and a view of the Aalto library.
Alvar Aalto Library in Winter, photo by the author.
A sunny day in winter Vyborg. Photo by Dmitry Ivashintsov
Photo of the exposition in the Aalto Library,
In the long library gallery.
Author's photo at the exhibition.
Exposition in the Vyborg Library. The "white functionalism" of Alvar Aalto.
he artist speaks at the opening of his exhibition.
Artist Dmitry Ivashintsov at the opening reception. Photo by M. Tyapkova.
Photo of the exhibition opening.
The opening. Photo by Maria Tyapkova.
Visitors to the exhibition at the Alvar Aalto Library.
Evening in the Aalto Library. After the opening.
Books designed by Dmitry Ivashintsov.
Showcase with the books. Memoirs, prose, history publications.
Aalto library lobby with Christmas tree.
Library lobby after Christmas and New Year holidays. Photo by Dmitry Ivashintov.
Interior of the City Alvar Aalto Library, the central part.
Alvar Aalto Library, interior. Photo by Dmitry Ivashintsov.
Interor of the Alvar Aalto Library.
In the Vyborg Library. Photo by Dmitry Ivashintsov.
Viipuri Library by Alvar Aalto, the staircase.
The staircase in the Vyborg Library. Photo by Dmitry Ivashintsov.
Photo of the presentation in the Alvar Aalto City Library.
Presentation in the library auditorium.
The Lecture Hall or Auditorium in the Vyborg library.
The famous ceiling in the auditorium of the Alvar Aalto library.
Photo of the Vyborg Library in Alvar Aalto museum in Jyväskylä, Finland.
The same view in the 1930s. Alvar Aalto Museum in Jyväskylä. Photo by Dmitry Ivashintsov
Conversation in the Alvar Aalto City Library.
With St. Petersburg librarian Vera Chichenkova and writer Tatyana Kovalkova. Alvar Aalto Library.

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